Gallery Simulaker has, since its beginnings in 2006, been strongly dedicated to and focused on presentation of contemporary artists working in different mediums and mediating art with its audience. It has been established as the independent, non-profit and non-commercial platform where emerging and already established local and international artists, curators and art producers, could present their work and build on or develop their professional foundations. Gallery’s program has been always conceived in a manner where all mediums would be presented in a heterogenous way and at the same time responding to contemporary artistic trends in the broader European context. Important objective has always been questioning and responding to wider political, economical, technological changes within the contemporary society in the local and global context, through in depth examination resulting in various artistic projects. Collaborations with local and international artists has since it beginning been developed in consideration regarding the spectators, assuring them quality overall experience and prompting their critical thinking. Not just following emerging trends but also setting quality artistic standards for the local and geographically wider region has always been one of the Gallery’s main objectives.